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Our manufacturing enterprise Guangzhou Maxi Inflatables Co. Ltd. is located in China, Guangzhou city. For 10 years in the market we have accumulated significant experience in such areas as inflatable advertising, inflatable tents, air supported structures, children’s inflatable attractions, festive decoration with inflatable figures, projection screens, and provide military tents.

We are a young, modern and fast growing company. We are engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of non-standard inflatable structures and products from various types of fabric materials, such as Oxford, Taffeta, and PVC.

Our team consists of qualified professionals with years of experience in fast growing modern technologies. Using a unique approach to communicate with each customer individually, our mission is to achieve the best desired results.

We are committed to continuous customer trust. Because we must gain trust through consistent action and a constant attitude. Your opinion and feedback means a lot to us, it is an initial tool to improve our results.

We are able to achieve fantastic ideas that seem impossible at first glance. Our designers and technicians pay special attention to the climatic conditions during the development of the products. According to the customer’s regional use of our products, from the coldest to the hottest places, even the large wind areas will be considered and consider the high quality of the products. To date, Guangzhou Maxi Inflatables Co., Ltd. – has a huge production experience, not only measured by the year, but also successfully solved a large number of technical problems.

The company’s main products and directions:

  • Inflatable advertising
  • Inflatable tents
  • Inflatable entertainment products
  • Festive decoration of inflatable structure
  • Inflatable spherical cinemas

The mission of Guangzhou Maxi Inflatables Co., Ltd. is to continuously develop its own industry and improve the qualifications of its employees.

The basic principle of Guangzhou Maxi Inflatables Co., Ltd. is that our team will get the final 100% result in your project’s allowable period.

More than 10 years of market experience
20 specialists
18,000 satisfied customers
270 project catalogs
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